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  • We will arrange professional external and internal photography for your property and give advice on how to prepare for the appointment.
  • We will write an editorial for your property that will appear on all listing details. This will aim to create a vivid impression of your property and describe it in lifestyle terms.
  • Our extensive database of preregistered buyers all have their preferences recorded, meaning your listing will be sent out to all our buyers in the market for your property type. Our database is comprised of buyers from surrounding areas, as well as overseas.
  • Our Negotiators are in constant contact with prospective purchasers, meaning ‘hot’ buyers will know about your property quickly.
  • Your property will also be comprehensively advertised through our own internal outlets. It will also be listed on our website, as well as our various Social Media channels.
  • Properties are advertised in our prominent window displays.
  • We have close ties with major news outlets and are featured in editorials including The Sunday Times and the Evening Standard.
  • We offer various Marketing Packages which include: Floor Plans, EPC and Hi-Res Imagery. On request we can also organise Virtual Staging, Matterport Tours, Drone Photography and Video Tours.

Video Tours

Upon request, we can organise a Video Tour of your property to be stored and sent to specific purchasers. Alternatively, these can be uploaded to our website.

In addition, in particular cases, we can organise personalised video call tours with select purchasers. This is particularly useful for overseas buyers.
Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is a very useful marketing technique for recently refurbished or unfurnished properties. It is a very effective home staging process where a Graphic Editor is used to create a simulated, typically rendered (photorealistic) interior design within a living space.

It could be considered a cost-effective alternative to physical (conventional) staging. Vendors of unfurnished property may wish to consider virtual staging as it is often easier for a prospective purchaser to visualise a property as their future home.

Should you wish to have your property virtually staged, this is something we can offer please contact your negotiator to discuss in more detail.

Drone Photography

Drone Photography

Should you wish to have Drone Photography taken of your property, we can arrange this for you. We have good links with a number of Property Photographers who are licensed drone pilots.

Drone Photography is a particularly useful marketing technique, especially if you have a large garden and wish to show a view of your estate/plot in full. This is particularly pertinent for large detached houses.

Providing drone photography/footage also enables the creation of an exciting marketing video of your property, which in turn helps to drive engagement with your listings. It allows prospective purchasers to get a sense of your property’s immediate surroundings and aspect.

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours are the most innovative, realistic and immersive way to experience a property online. A 3D ‘walk through’ is created using 360 degree photography of your property which allows prospective purchasers to ‘enter and walk around’ your property and see it from every angle.

Using the technology can help drive engagement online with your listing. Prospective purchasers can

• View the floor plan of the space.
• Launch the space in virtual reality.
• Switch between floors.
• View the property as a rotating 'Dollhouse'.
• View 'matter tags' - tagged specific information within the space.

A key feature of this technology is that certain areas, pictures or objects can be blurred out. We can organise 3D tours of your property upon request.

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