Camerons Stiff & Co are brilliant. Thanks to sound market advice from Geoffrey Stiff, we put the house up at a sensible price and they found two buyers in just three days - so we could buy the house we really wanted in Hampshire. An excellent achievement at a very difficult time in the large house market.
Stephen - thank you for all the time and hard work you put into the sale of our home. It was by no means an easy or stress free sale and exchange and I can not tell you how much I appreciated your support, wisdom and calm frame of mind throughout. Here's to a swift and easy 'Completion Day' (fingers crossed). Best wishes with everything in the future and an extended thanks to the team at Camerons Stiff & Co.
We bought our property through Cameron Stiff (Hussein) and sold it through them again a few years later. They are knowledgeable and realistic on pricing, and proactive in driving transactions through to completion which is important when things do not go to plan, as is inevitably the case.
Thank you Jignesh so much for your support and help over the past few months. I have appreciated your ready ear, your mature responses and your depth of knowledge. As I have had my 'L' plates on, it has been a pleasure to have an advisor who is (seemingly) always available (do you never sleep?), forever willing - with a positive approach. I have been pleased to have you by my side. We have NEARLY finished....... Wow!
Amy from your Queens Park office was amazing efficient, professional and friendly since the moment we viewed the property. We were working to an incredibly tight timeline but Amy managed to get us from viewing to moving in within a week. We don't underestimate how rare this is. Amy communicated every single step of the way meaning we felt fully secure and confident in everything that was being done. Thank you so much!
Amazing service, amazing people and an amazing company. I have sold numerous properties as well as let and purchased a property with Camerons Stiff and have always had headache-free transactions. A true pleasure dealing with the entire team!