Gladstone Park Primary School

Gladstone Park Primary School Parent Staff Association is a registered charity with the remit of coordinating fund-raising activities which help towards widening and enhancing the quality of the childrens learning at the school.

The PSA regularly pays for storytellers, visiting opera and theatre performances and workshops, playground activities and improvements, equipment for school clubs and music activities, as well as paying for transport for various school trips. In the last few years, the PSA has also funded new curtains and a sound system in the assembly hall, rainy day games for the classrooms, defibrillators, and a cookery club cooker.

Parents and staff in the PSA also organise year-round fun events for the school kids and their families, such as family quiz nights, movie nights, fund-raising cake sales, the annual BBQ and Disco and the yearly summer fair, dedicated to celebrating the school’s incredible diversity of cultures: International Day. Cameron Stiff has been the chief sponsor of this event for the last four years and we are delighted that they have so kindly agreed to expand their sponsorship to cover other events throughout the year. Thank you, Cameron Stiff!